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Wellness Programs

26 August, 2018

Community Life is providing a curriculum of wellness programming during the fall semester. Attending the Community Wellness Programs will help you to improve your ability to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Which program is right for you?

This semester, we are hosting three Community Wellness Programs targeting various segments of the KAUST community. Each program is run in a group-setting and group members are encouraged to support one another throughout the program:
  • Adult Wellness Program - This program is focused on understanding how your overall health is affected by various behavioral, emotional, and social factors. 
  • Youth Wellness Program – This is a fun and interactive program aimed at fostering overall resilience for youth aged 11 to 14. This program also involves parent participation.
  • Smoking Cessation Program – A brand new program to help you quit smoking. In the program, you will learn tactics for tracking habits, coping, and practicing in a supportive environment. 

Building on previous success 

These programs build on the success of the Security Wellness Program and the Adult Wellness Program which were piloted over the last two years. Last semester’s Adult Wellness Program involved 32 community members who gave the program an overall satisfaction score of four out of five.  

These health and wellness events are provided by Community Life and driven by KAUST Health.

Apply today!

Specific details for each program are available on the Events page of the KAUST Health website and the deadline to apply has been extended to September 20. 

If you have any other questions about the Community Wellness Programs, please email