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Emergency Department

Welcome to the Emergency Department



In the unfortunate and unlikely event that you need urgent medical attention, KAUST Health is fully equipped to take care of you. The emergency department will provide you world class care as per Internationally accepted guidelines and protocols.


Consultation and Scope:

  • Emergency care: Emergency Department is fully equipped to deal with any medical / surgical emergency including initial trauma management and stabilization on 24/7 basis 365 days.
  • Admission: If the patient’s clinical condition warrants inpatient care, or in case of major trauma, the patient will be transferred to a secondary healthcare facility.
  • Population: We serve every age group from Pediatrics to Geriatrics.
  • Pharmacy Service: Our ER provides emergency medication to the patients after working hours of the pharmacy.
  • Mobility aids and casts: The Emergency Department provides crutches, splints, casts and wheelchairs to the patients requiring them due to their illnesses or injuries.
  • Minor emergency surgical procedures: removal of superficial foreign bodies, superficial wound suturing, burn dressing, wound debridement/washout, incision and drainage of superficial abscess.
  • Emergency life-saving surgical procedures like chest drain insertion, needle thoracotomy etc.
  • Ambulance services: for 911 dispatch for any medical emergencies inside KAUST.
  • Safe transfer to another healthcare facility: arranging patient transfers from KAUST Health to any referral hospitals both from emergency department and outpatient clinics (Family Medicine, Mother & Child Center and Specialist Clinics)



  • Routine Surgical & Dressing Service: Department does not provide routine surgical care or dressing clinic services. 
  • Routine Medical Care: Emergency service is not intended to support non-urgent issues like routine medication requests or routine laboratory/ blood check as Family Medicine service is more appropriate to deal with these issues.

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