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Specialty Clinics

Welcome to Specialty Clinics


KAUST Health currently provides the following specialty clinics. These are reviewed periodically and adjusted according to the KAUST community needs.



In addition to providing diagnostic audiology services and children’s hearing screening, the Audiologist also offers the following:

  • Routine pure tone audiometry including masking as required
  • High frequency audiometry where indicated
  • Middle ear function testing
  • Diagnostic audiology testing for differential diagnosis of cochlear / retro cochlear hearing loss
  • Tests for non-organic hearing loss
  • Tinnitus evaluation, assessment and education

Our clinical psychologist at KAUST Health meets with clients to identify problems—emotional, mental, and behavioral—in their lives. Through observation, interviews, and tests, the psychologist will diagnose any existing disorders or highlight and identify any risks that may lead to psychological problems. Together with the client, they formulate a program of treatment according to the client’s needs. Our psychologist monitors the client’s progress on a regular basis to ensure that their needs are being met through appropriate therapy and to adjust it if necessary.

 Clinical psychologist:

  • Diagnoses psychological, emotional or behavioral disorders
  • Develops and implements treatment plans and therapeutic processes
  • Helps clients define goals and  to formulate an action plan to achieve personal, social, educational and vocational development and adjustment
  • Monitors client progress through regular meetings or sessions
  • Works collaboratively with other health care professionals including family medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine and psychiatrists
  • Uses behavioral methods including CBT for the treatment of patients and in planning the frequency, intensity and   duration of treatment
  • Engages in educational and other relevant activities to improve methods and techniques for the management of emotionally disturbed patients
  • Assesses and manages personality, development and adjustment disorders
  • Provide all standard examinations and outpatient treatment of ENT
  • Diagnostic naso-endoscopy
  • Therapeutic micro suction for ear cerumen
  • Chemical cautery for epistaxis
  • All basic ophthalmological examinations, including verification of refraction, glasses prescription
  • Referral for advanced investigation or more complex or surgical treatment
  • Glasses and contact lenses available at Fakeeh Vision. For more details visit the Fakeeh Vision webpage.

Our speech therapist at KAUST Health works closely with infants, children and adults who have various levels of speech, communication or swallowing difficulties. Assesses clients' needs and problems before developing individual treatment programs to enable each client to improve as much as possible. Treatment plans often also involve family, carers or teachers. In addition, our speech therapist offers the following:

  • Identifies and treats communication problems related to language and speech
  • Works with patients of all ages to improve communication skills through vocal exercises and cognitive therapies
  • Gives patients treatment in articulation, language, fluency, or resonance disorder, which prevents them from either being misunderstood or understanding others
  • Identifies children's developmental speech and communication difficulties/disorders
  • Assesses and manages swallowing and communication difficulties which may arise from a variety of causes, e.g. congenital problems (such as cleft palate) or acquired disorder e.g. after a stroke or injury
  • Manages patients who suffer from certain vocal disorders
  • Provides speech therapy sessions designed for individual's needs
  • Assist patients with swallowing disorders to learn proper swallowing techniques
  • Counsel patients and families on how to cope with communication disorders

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