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School Health Offices

Welcome to School Health Offices


School Health Offices, KAUST Health supports The KAUST School by staffing the Health Office in every school building. Our qualified nurses’ primary responsibility is to ensure the children are healthy at school. We also provide in-school assessments by a Speech and Language Therapist and run other health screening programs in the schools throughout the academic year.

The KAUST School Nurses 



Harbor KG Nurse West (K1 - K3)

KG West C103 


Harbor KG Nurse East ( K1- K3)

808- 6212

KG East C103



Gardens Elementary School (G1-G2)



Gardens Elementary School (G3-G5)


GES 1622



Garden Secondary School (G6- G12)

808 6812 

GSS 1104 S132


Your Team

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Rana S. Bahamdan
Dr Ahmed_Low res
Ramziyeh Ojeil
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Hadiya Nasrel Dine
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Hasna Basodan
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Nina Cuales
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Mary C Solis