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Learn about lice

30 May, 2018

​Head lice are a common problem all around the world. Lice are tiny bugs that cause an itchy scalp and are particularly common amongst school children.

Anyone can get head lice, mainly through direct head-to-head contact and also by sharing personal items. Head lice do not reflect poor hygiene or social status. It is recommended to check children for lice as part of a daily or weekly routine.

Learn more

Please review the below resources which include what to look for, prevention tips, and treatment advice.  

What to do if you find lice or nits

If you discover a case of head lice, please visit a pediatrician or family medicine consultant at KAUST Health to get proper treatment. If it is found on a child in school, please also notify the School Health Office. Lice are much easier to treat if caught early.