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COVID-19 test update

03 November, 2022


Throughout the pandemic, symptoms and testing processes for people with COVID-19 symptoms has evolved.  To align with the COVID-19 testing practices currently in place in Kingdom, KAUST is implementing changes from November 6.

As previously communicated, individuals in KAUST who have COVID-19 related symptoms are encouraged to remain at home until the symptoms improve. If an individual wishes to have a COVID-19 antigen test, they are advised to use a home test kit, which can be purchased from all pharmacies, including Saud Pharmacy in Discovery Square. There is no need to visit the KAUST Health ER department for mild symptoms.

If a visit to ER is required, after assessment people who are required to do a test will be charged directly for one, or advised to purchase a test kit and test themselves at home. Tests administered at KAUST Health will be charged at SR 87 (ex VAT).

To learn more about the new process, contact patient relations at



Kind regards, 

Daniel Buttigieg

Director, KAUST Health