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COVID-19 – Update 7

26 February, 2020

​The KAUST Coronavirus Taskforce continues to meet regularly to adapt to the evolving 2019 Novel Coronavirus situation. We are committed to responding in a proportionate and appropriate manner to support and safeguard the community. Our priority is to keep you safe and well.

Latest updates

As of February 26, 2020, there are no confirmed cases at KAUST or in Saudi at this time. 

However, there have now been confirmed cases in countries much closer to Saudi Arabia.  We are continuing our engagement with the Ministry of Health and monitoring the situation.  Some additional regions have been placed onto our high-risk regions and these are being reviewed constantly.

High-risk region additions

The list of high-risk regions was updated this week to include Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, and the regions of Italy which are north of Florence (not including Florence)The complete list can be found at


Travel planning

Spring break, a popular travel period, is coming soon! The Taskforce encourages you to strongly consider whether you need to travel at this time. And, if you choose to travel, please be sure to read and understand the Coronavirus Taskforce travel advice.

We also encourage you to register your travel plans so we can support you if somewhere you are traveling to, from or through is added to the list of high-risk regions while you are away. This survey is intended to be filled by anyone who lives or works at KAUST and for all travel destinations worldwide.


Events and conferences

The Coronavirus Taskforce are working closely with event and conference organizers to balance the need to move forward with these important programs while also mitigating risk associated with them. Most programs are moving forward with added precautions. However, some programs have been canceled or postponed. Please contact program organizers directly for updates.

If you are hosting a large event and have not heard from the Coronavirus Taskforce, please contact for further information and support.


Repatriation of people under travel restriction

Several community members are under travel restrictions in high-risk regions. As of yet, no regions have been removed from the KAUST high-risk region list, however we are developing our plans for repatriation of individuals who are currently under travel restriction abroad when the time comes for this to take place. We look forward to welcoming them back to the community when the time comes.


What to expect at security gates

Everyone entering KAUST is offered an information leaflet and is asked a series of questions to pre-screen for Covid-19. You may be directed to KAUST Health for further evaluation. As a result, please expect some delay upon your arrival to KAUST.

  •      KAUST residents: If you meet certain risk criteria, you may be required to go into quarantine for up to 14-days. If this is the case, support measures are in place to make this period as comfortable for you as possible.
  •    Non-residents: If you meet certain risk criteria, or have travelled to any high-risk region within the last 14-days, you will be asked to leave KAUST.

More information

More information about this topic is available at, including:

  • Instructions for people currently in high-risk regions
  • Instructions for people in quarantine
  • Instructions for people who are planning travel
  • Prevention resources and advice
  • And more…


Thank you for participating in keeping our community safe and well.