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COVID-19 – Update 6

17 February, 2020

​Our priority is to keep you safe and well

The KAUST Coronavirus Taskforce continues to meet regularly to adapt to the evolving COVID-19 (also known as 2019 Novel Coronavirus) situation and to provide a cautious and considered approach to protecting our community. There are no confirmed cases at KAUST or in Saudi at this time.

Travel Guidance for those who are traveling overseas in the coming weeks, including the March school break:

Travel Restriction Reminder

Please be reminded that you should not travel to – or transit through – high-risk regions as defined by the KAUST Coronavirus Taskforce.

We recognize this restriction will cause a significant impact on some community members. Please understand that it is important, for the health of yourself, your colleagues, and your loved ones, that you adhere to this advice.

Those planning travel outside of high-risk regions do not need to adjust their travel plans.


Register your travel plans

Travel advice and the list of countries classified as 'high-risk' remain under constant review and are subject to change.

We encourage you to register your travel plans so we can support you if somewhere you are traveling to, from, or through is added to the list of high-risk regions while you are away. This survey is intended to be filled by anyone who lives or works at KAUST, and for all travel destinations worldwide.


Impact for travelers

  • Additional health screening procedures have been put in place on arrival in many countries. If you are traveling, you should comply with these measures.  For further information, contact your airline or the local health authority at your destination.
  • Planned travel to, or transfer through, a KAUST-designated high-risk region could result in your delayed return which will be classified as annual or unpaid leave. However, if you are in a high-risk region at the time that it is added to the list, you will be contacted for support and likely instructed to remain where you are. This will not impact your annual leave, however, you may not be able to return for some time.

More information

More information about COVID-19 is available at, including:

  • The University response
  • Information about high-risk regions
  • Information about quarantine
  • Prevention and infection resources and advice
  • All previous Coronavirus Taskforce updates


Thank you for participating in keeping our community safe and well.