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COVID-19 Travel Advisory

14 March, 2020

​Have you traveled to or through:

  • Turkey since February 28?
  • Indonesia since March 8?
  • USA or Denmark since March 11?

If yes:

  • If you live at KAUST: You and your housemates (family, roommates, domestic helpers, visitors, etc.) must return to your home immediately and call KAUST Health at 012-808-4444 for instructions.

  • If you live outside KAUST: You must immediately leave campus, and according to Saudi Government regulation, quarantine at your home, along with all family, roommates, domestic helpers, visitors, etc.).

Your quarantine period will last until you have been out of the listed area for over 14 days.

We will support you

We recognize quarantine can cause a significant impact on your work and family. Provisions are in place to support you.

More information

More information on the KAUST response to COVID-19 is available at

Thank you for helping to keep our community safe.