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COVID-19 Roundup For March 14

14 March, 2020

The CCMT and the Coronavirus Taskforce continue to meet regularly to proactively appraise the situation, and set strategy and necessary policies that continue to strike a balance between protecting the community and minimizing disruption.

There are no confirmed COVID-19 cases on campus and we are working hard for that to continue to be the case.

The following are items that we wish to update you on today.

Mental health

We recognize that the current situation is challenging and may be stressful for members of our community, especially those with family, friends, and colleagues affected in other areas of the world. 

Seeking Professional Support

Employees and their dependents: You can seek professional support by contacting KAUST Health and scheduling an appointment with qualified professionals who can guide and advise you. You can also contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for online assistance, resources and seek support for counseling.

For Graduate Students and their dependents: You can email Health, Wellness and Counseling at to schedule an appointment with a counselor.

Ongoing support

The CCMT and TaskForce continue to review the support available to ensure we are doing all we can to keep our teams and community members healthy. Please continue to support one another, taking care of yourselves and others.

helpful resource from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Mental Health and coping during COVID-19. We will publish more resources on the KAUST Health website in the coming days.

International Travel Advisory

The Saudi Ministry of Interior has decided to suspend all international flights, starting tomorrow, Sunday, March 15 at 11 a.m. Read the full announcement here.

Government Affairs

Government Affairs and Security Services would like to inform community members that, starting tomorrow, Sunday, March 15, the GA Center on the Discovery Walk (The Spine) will be closed. Read the full announcement here.

High-risk regions

The list of high-risk regions has been updated. Please refer to the list on the KAUST Health website as it is constantly updated.

KAUST Health Website

If you need to refer to previously published announcements related to COVID-19, you can do so at the KAUST Health website.

Thank you to all the teams from across KAUST and our service providers who have spent their weekend moving critical emergency services staff onto the campus, setting up workstations, conference space and more in support of the Coronavirus Taskforce. Your hard work is very much appreciated.