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Temporary Repatriation of Expatriate Personnel

29 March, 2020

KAUST is aware that some countries are now organizing repatriation flights to home countries through their respective embassies and consulates in Saudi Arabia. Many countries have contacted their resident expatriates via e-mail over the last 48 hours regarding special Saudi-permitted commercial flights to repatriate them.

If you are interested in a potential repatriation flight, please contact your embassy/consulate directly and they will advise if this is an option. Please note that not all countries are offering repatriation flights. All associated costs, including flights and transportation, are at the individual’s expense.

Employees who make the personal decision to travel should ensure they consult with and have their line manager/VP/Dean's approval for this remote working arrangement. The Emergency Management Remote Working Procedures are in place and may guide you through this period (full details can be found here).

Employees and their dependents traveling for repatriation to their home country on a temporary basis are kindly reminded that:
  • Travel presents increased risks to health at this current time
  • Those 55+ or in a vulnerable group are advised to remain
  • The current health situation in your final destination may present additional health risks and quarantine procedures may be applied
KAUST will support all employees working remotely during this period and will remain reasonable in situations when it is difficult for employees to return to Saudi Arabia after the emergency management remote working period is over. It is important to note that compensation and benefits may be impacted for those who are unable to return back to Saudi Arabia.

Should you decide to travel and are able to obtain a flight, please be reminded of the following:
  • If you are insured by BUPA Global, please make sure that you keep your medical cards and membership details with you at all times. If you are insured by BUPA Arabia, please note that the reimbursement of medical treatment overseas will be based on the customary charges of similar medical services in Saudi Arabia
  • A multiple,12 month re-entry visa is advised
  • A valid Iqama with at least 6 months duration remaining is strongly recommended
You can also access the FAQs by clicking here. If you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact

Samer Samman
Interim Chief Human Resource Officer