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Parking Lot Updates

05 February, 2018

The KAUST Health clinic receives over 7,000 patient visits a month meaning that patient safety is of paramount importance. 

The KAUST Health parking lots are very busy, with campus traffic and buses passing through them regularly. To ensure the safety of the parking lots, KAUST Health, HSE (the Health, Safety, and Environment) and the Engineering and Project Management team are working together to modify traffic routes so that the parking lots are only used by clinic users. This means that buses and cars will no longer be able to pass through the KAUST Health parking lots as they drive to and from campus. 

To make this possible, there will be various roadworks that will take pace February and March. The project will be executed in the following stages:


By constructing a permanent median opening on Unity Boulevard, there will be easier access to the KAUST Health parking lot. This opening will be located between Tamimi Supermarket and the entry to the KAUST Health parking lot.


To prevent the use of this area as a through-road, the KAUST Health parking lot will be closed to entry from the east side.


Thank you for your patience while we perform these upgrades and your understanding of the new traffic pattern. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact