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May 12 COVID-19 Advisory

12 May, 2020

KAUST cases

The total number of cases of COVID-19 identified at KAUST remains at 14. All of the positive cases have been discharged upon completion of the MOH testing requirements. The last positive case was confirmed 17 days ago.

Leaving campus

Anyone living at KAUST who wants to travel to Jeddah (or another region), will continue to need a permission pass from the Ministry of Interior. Otherwise, the individual will be refused entry at the Check Point and/or be fined by the Saudi authorities. 
In addition, anyone planning to leave KAUST must inform of his or her intention to leave; and inform the Coronavirus Task Force one week prior to returning. Due to our capacity to support people in quarantine, it is not guaranteed that permission to return will be given
Please note that anyone who is given permission to return to KAUST will be required to go directly to KAUST Health ER upon his or her return for an assessment, and he or she and any people with whom the individual shares a house are immediately required to enter quarantine, in line with the requirements in place at that time. Quarantine is currently 21 days.
We strongly recommend that KAUST residents do not leave KAUST at this time. If you do decide to leave, it should be for essential reasons only.

Resuming small and medium construction projects

In line with the Kingdom mitigating some restrictions, and in conjunction with KC3, a small number of small/medium construction projects will resume at KAUST in a phased approach.
The projects have been carefully selected through a risk-based assessment and Facilities Management, in conjunction with Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), have developed site management and control procedures to ensure that:
  • Project sites are located in areas where direct access can be easily arranged
  • Clear site boundaries can be established
  • Group travel to and from the sites can be carefully controlled
  • Site workers can be easily confined to the project sites
  • All requirements and direction from HSE and Government Affairs are easily enforceable
We continue to work with the concerned departments to ensure the safety and security of the entire KAUST community.