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KAUST Health COVID-19 Update

18 March, 2020

Dear KAUST community,
KAUST Health will remain open and will continue to deliver the best possible service during this current difficult period.
Following the implementation of KAUST-wide social distancing and infection prevention measures, KAUST Health will be operating essential services only starting from Sunday, March 22.
Please be assured that this is a precautionary measure to ensure we continue to support your health and wellbeing needs during this time. However, it is also important that we help minimize attendance at KAUST Health in order to keep you and the healthcare professionals as safe as possible.
KAUST Health will therefore be making the following changes, effective 8:00 a.m., Sunday, March 22:

Opening times

KAUST Health is changing how the community can access its services.
Outpatient clinics will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday and access to the outpatient clinics will follow an initial telephone triage.
Access to the Emergency Room will remain 24 hours.

Emergency services

Emergency services will continue to operate as normal. We are increasing the level of clinical personnel in our ER department during this time to enable us to continue to deal with “normal” emergency services as well as the increased activity related to COVID-19.
We ask the community to be aware that during this time, there is an additional strain on KAUST Health, and we strongly encourage you to only use this service in cases of genuine emergency. If necessary, please call 808-4444.

Current scheduled appointments and walk-ins

All currently booked appointments will be cancelled (with some exceptions detailed below). In addition, all walk-in appointment slots have been removed. The process for accessing the normal KAUST Health services is described under each service line below.
The online booking system will be temporarily suspended.

Family Medicine

Any patient who has had a scheduled appointment cancelled will be called by Family Medicine and triaged.
Any patients who need to see a doctor in Family Medicine are asked to call 012-808-0940.
A doctor will then contact you for an initial consultation via telephone. If the doctor decides that he/she needs to see you for a physical examination, laboratory or radiology investigations, arrangements will be made for you to visit KAUST Health. 

Specialty clinics

During this period, all specialty clinics will be cancelled at KAUST Health. If you already have an appointment scheduled, a KAUST Health representative will contact you to discuss alternative arrangements.
Patients who have appointments in Jeddah are still able to travel for those appointments if necessary.

Maternity services

To arrange an appointment with your OB-GYN doctor, please call 012-808-0940.
The doctor will then telephone you for an initial consultation.
If the doctor decides that he/she needs to see you for a physical examination, arrangements will be made for you to visit KAUST Health. There is no change to existing ultrasound appointments, which will continue as scheduled.

Dental services

All Dental appointments will be cancelled. A limited Emergency Dental Service will be available by calling 012-808-0940. A dentist will speak with you to assess your requirements.
All Dental Hygiene appointments will be cancelled until further notice. Once the service resumes, your existing appointment will be rescheduled for you.

Pediatric services

Vaccinations will continue to be provided for children, and you can arrange an appointment to see a pediatrician by calling 012-808-0940.
If the doctor decides that he/she needs to see you for a physical examination, arrangements will be made for you to visit KAUST Health.


Patients requiring physiotherapy appointments for acute cases must call 012-808-0940 and you will be triaged.  Those confirmed for physio treatment will be scheduled an appointment/s.


Medication refills can still be requested by emailing If you are in quarantine, arrangements will be made to deliver your medication to you.
There is no need to be concerned about supplies for normal medication requirements. As part of the KAUST Health preparedness plan, we have increased our medication stock and have taken steps to keep the supply chain in place.

Laboratory services

If a doctor has arranged for a patient to have a lab test, the patient can continue to have tests during the outpatient clinics opening hours.

Radiology services

All radiology services will continue as normal. Patients who already have an ultrasound booked can keep and attend their appointments.

Unavailable services

The following services will not be available: All Specialty Clinics, Audiology, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Chiropractor and Dietician.
Contact details:
For outpatient clinics and telephone triage: 012-808-0940
For Emergency Services (24 hours a day): 911 or 012-808-4444
The KAUST Health team would like to thank the community for your understanding while these changes are made. We continue to do everything we can to support the community’s health and wellbeing needs.