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Inclement Weather Update: Business as usual, 21 November 2017

21 November, 2017

Here are the updates from KAUST Health, today, 21 November 2017.

5:00 pm update:
  • The weather forecast is improving and we are planning for normal operations to continue tomorrow. 

2:30 pm update:
  • We understand that some people were not able to attend scheduled appointments at KAUST Health today. Thank you to those patients who took the time to cancel today. For those patients who missed appointments today without cancelling, we will waive the no-show fee.

11:30 am update: 
  • It is not recommended to travel from KAUST to Jeddah for routine medical appointments today. If you have an appointment at DSFH in Jeddah today please contact our referral agent, Madonna, for advice and rescheduling. She can be contacted from a landline by dialing 012 808 0940 or via mobile at 058 241 3606.
9:20 am update:
  • Due to a problem with mobile to landline phone functionality, we recommend calling us via a landline phone at 012 808 0940. If you need to reach us via a mobile, please use 058 241 3606 until the problem is resolved.
9:00 am update:
  • Busses to medical facilities in Jeddah have been cancelled. 
8:30 am update:
  • All of our team members from KAEC and Jeddah have arrived and the clinic will operate as usual today.
  • One specialty clinic, Orthopedics, is postponed today and affected patients are being called to reschedule for Saturday or another day.
  • Our Flu Vaccination Campaign continues, learn more.
  • Our ER Service continues to be fully functional.
  • If you need to attend KAUST Health today and do not want to walk/cycle/scooter remember that ALL KAUST busses stop outside our front door.

Check back to this post for further updates as needed throughout today.