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Government Affairs COVID-19 update - March 22

22 March, 2020

Given the current situation with COVID-19, the Government Affairs (GA) team is working closely with Saudi government entities to accomodate the emergency needs of KAUST community members.

GA emergency services

  • Government visit visa (business visa) extensions
  • Family visit visa extensions if extension through MOI portal (ABSHER) is unavailable
  • Iqama issuances and renewals
  • Passport information updates
  • Exit reentry visa cancellations

Extension of tourism visas

We encourage all visitors on campus who are in Kingdom on a tourism visa to complete this form to allow GA to help coordinate visitor visa extensions.

For community members currently out of Kingdom

  • Iqama renewals
  • Exit reentry visa extensions
GA will support community members who stuck abroad to secure iqama renewals and visa extensions, in coordination with the Saudi government.
For GA emergency services inquiries, please email
For all government-related emergency and support, please contact the 24/7 Man on Call at (+966) 544701111

Kind Regards,
Government Affairs