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Free breast cancer screening in October

01 October, 2017

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers found in women worldwide.

During the month of October, organizations around the globe unite for a common cause, breast cancer awareness.

Early detection is key to increasing survival rates. KAUST Health encourages all women to conduct regular self-examinations. Women aged forty and over are recommended to be screened by a medical professional.

For the month of October, KAUST Health is waiving the 25 SAR consultation fee for women forty and over who come in to the clinic for a breast cancer screening. To book your free screening, please book an appointment with OB/GYN or Family Medicine by calling 940 or 012 808 0940 or online. On the day of your appointment, please be sure to specify to the receptionist that you are attending the free breast cancer screening so your consultation fee can be waived.