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COVID-19 Update—March 21

21 March, 2020

There are no confirmed COVID-19 cases on campus, and we are working hard for that to continue to be the case. 
The following are items that we wish to update you on today, based on questions submitted to the Taskforce yesterday.

Reminder of current gate restrictions

We would like to thank the community for their understanding following the latest restrictions for leaving campus through Gate 1, which is the only gate currently operational.
Residents who are currently outside of KAUST and would like to return, must do so as soon as possible. You are required to send your travel plans and they will be in contact to support you. Quarantine may be required for people who return after 6:00 p.m. today.
Residents currently in KAUST may leave, but they will not be able to return to KAUST for 14 days or until the Saudi Arabian government relaxes its domestic travel restrictions. Those needing medical treatment will be able to leave KAUST, and more information on this is provided below.

Expectant parents virtual Q&A

To support members of our community who are expectant parents, KAUST Health will be running a virtual Q&A session with members of the Taskforce and our Ob-Gyn medical team. This session will run on Monday, March 23 from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Joining details will be sent directly to pregnant women by KAUST Health.

Jeddah hospital appointments

If you have an hospital appointment scheduled outside of KAUST, you will be able to leave and return to attend your appointment. However, following an announcement by the Ministry of Health on March 20, all healthcare providers in Saudi Arabia have been advised to cease non-urgent services; this includes services such as dentistry (excluding emergency) and dermatological treatments. All emergency services will continue to operate as normal, including ambulances to Jeddah hospitals.

Checklist for leaving campus for medical purposes

Before leaving KAUST for a medical or veterinary appointment, it is essential that you:
  • Call the medical facility in advance to confirm your appointment has not been cancelled
  • Email to give the details of your appointment and obtain a gate re-entry exception
  • Bring proof of your appointment and exception to show security upon both your exit and re-entry to KAUST

Vet emergency appointments

The KAUST vet services have been suspended for the next 14 days. This is in alignment with the regulations put in place by the Saudi government.
The KAUST vet has confirmed that International Animal Care will be open in Jeddah for emergencies (map). Similar to hospital visits in Jeddah, this will be seen as an exceptional circumstance and should not impact on your re-entry to KAUST. Please call 012 288 9312 to book an appointment.

Staying informed

The KAUST Coronavirus Taskforce is your dedicated source for information about COVID-19 adjustments happening on campus and related to the KAUST community. Stay informed about COVID-19 and the University’s efforts by visiting Be cautious about information you read on social media and through other sources.
You can also contact our dedicated helpline at or by calling 012 808 0950, Sunday to Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Please take a look at the Virtual Community Hub for things to do in these times. 

Thank you for your continued support and help in making the KAUST community as safe as possible. Our priority is to keep you safe and well.