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COVID-19 Update—March 18

18 March, 2020

The CCMT and the Coronavirus Taskforce continue to meet regularly to proactively appraise the situation, and set strategy and necessary policies that continue to strike a balance between protecting the community and minimizing disruption.

There are no confirmed COVID-19 cases on campus and we are working hard for that to continue to be the case.

The following are items that we wish to update you on today.

KAUST Health

KAUST Health will remain open and will continue to deliver the best possible service during this current difficult period.

Following the implementation of KAUST-wide social distancing and infection prevention measures, KAUST Health will be operating essential services only starting from Sunday, March 22.

Please be assured that this is a precautionary measure to ensure we continue to support your health and wellbeing needs during this time. However, it is also important that we help minimize attendance at KAUST Health in order to keep you and the healthcare professionals as safe as possible.

Maternity services: To arrange an appointment with your OB-GYN doctor, please call 012-808-0940.

The KAUST Health team would like to thank the community for your understanding while these changes are made. We continue to do everything we can to support the community's health and wellbeing needs.

Visit the new Virtual Community Hub

Groups from across the University and community have been working together to create content for the KAUST Virtual Community Hub – a place that brings together articles, ideas, links, challenges and competitions – to keep our community busy in the days and weeks ahead.

So many great ideas are already being shared – through Get Engaged email, social media and to the Taskforce and we thought it would be great to bring everything together in one place. The Virtual Community Hub is for the community and by the community.

Get involved in the challenges and competitions and send your suggestions/links for ideas to share to

The content will be updated regularly, with lots of activities, challenges and competitions on offer for the Spring Break week… so store the link in your browser bookmarks and visit every day!