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April 5 COVID-19 advisory

05 April, 2020

The CMT and the EOC established in response to the COVID-19 crisis continue to take action and wish to provide the following updates.
These are the items that we wish to update you on today.

KAUST cases

There have been no new confirmed cases at KAUST since March 23.

Better understanding COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is a worldwide concern. It is everyone's responsibility to follow the directives to avoid the spread of the virus. We have put together some resources to help the community to better understand COVID-19.
  • Sciencetown podcast "Understanding the pandemic:" We reached out to some of the mathematicians, geneticists and computer scientists putting their skills to work to help solve the COVID-19 crisis. In this episode, we explore science in quarantine and the things smart people get up to when the lab is closed and global science is called to action. Listen here.

  • Sci-Café: Watch Sci-Café featuring panelists Takashi Gojobori, David Ketcheson and Arnab Pain, with moderator Naadiya Carrim, by tuning in to the KAUST OfficialFacebook page or YouTube channel on Wednesday, April 8 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

  • KAUST Health website: Find comprehensive resources about the health and safety directives in force at KAUST; advice on topics such as contact tracing and surface cleaning; and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Read more here.

Staying informed

Once again, we’d like to thank you for your cooperation and ongoing adherence to directives. These have been designed to keep you safe and to help manage the crisis.

Chris Sealey
Vice President, Community Life