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April 26 COVID-19 Advisory

26 April, 2020

KAUST cases

The number of positive cases identified on campus remains at 13. We are keeping in touch with and monitoring the progress of the one positive KAUST case transferred to Jeddah. We keep in touch with all of our previous discharged cases and monitor their progress, and we wish them well.


Curfew times modified

The curfew time has been changed. With immediate effect, you must stay at home from midnight to 6:00 a.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Please consider this curfew in place until further notice.
It is vital that KAUST residents strictly observe this curfew, which is aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19, by staying home.

Travel outside KAUST

Following the government’s announcement earlier today, anyone living at KAUST who wants to travel to Jeddah (or another region) will continue to need a permission pass from the Ministry of Interior. Otherwise the individual will be refused entry at the Check Point and/or be fined by the Saudi authorities. In addition, anyone planning to leave KAUST must inform the Coronavirus Hub of his or her intention to leave and also seek permission to return to KAUST. Due to our capacity to support people in quarantine, it is not guaranteed that permission to return will be given.
Please note that anyone who is given permission to return to KAUST will be required to go directly to KAUST Health ER upon his or her return for an assessment, and he or she and any people with whom the individual shares a house are immediately required to enter quarantine, in line with the requirements in place at that time. Quarantine is currently 21 days.
We strongly recommend that KAUST residents do not leave KAUST at this time. If you do decide to leave, it should be for essential reasons only. 

Waste management collection and horticulture services

Effective Monday, April 27, the waste management service will be returning to a three bin collection service. The collection frequency will revert back to the original schedule. For more details on your bin collection frequency for your residence, please refer to the sticker on the bin lid or alternatively download the ALNIFAYAT app.

Residents who are under quarantine should continue to follow the Quarantine Waste Collection Guidelines and ensure that all their waste is appropriately bagged and secured with the yellow bag and cable ties provided.

In addition, most horticultural services across KAUST will resume on Monday, April 27. Hired backyard services are still on hold at this time.

All service providers will be wearing face masks and gloves.