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April 23 COVID-19 Advisory

23 April, 2020

KAUST cases

The number of positive cases identified on campus remains at 12. All of our cases have been discharged upon completion of the MOH testing requirements. We keep in touch with all of our cases and monitor their progress and we wish them well.


As the Holy Month of Ramadan begins, please remember:

Ramadan working hours
During Ramadan, working hours for Muslim employees will be reduced to six (6) hours, while working hours remain at eight (8) hours for non-Muslim employees. Given the current remote working arrangements, Ramadan working hours must be agreed upon with employees and their line managers.
Useful information during Ramadan
  • Employees and community members who are not fasting are requested to refrain from eating, drinking and smoking in public areas, or while attending virtual meetings during daytime hours.
  • All community members must strictly follow social distancing directives and avoid social gatherings, exchanging Iftar or Suhoor meals or joining group Iftar or Suhoor.
  • You should only mix with people in your family or people with whom you normally share living space.
  • Regular prayers and Tarawih should be performed at home; no gathering at the Grand Mosque.
Leaving campus
For those leaving campus this weekend to spend Ramadan at home or with family, you are reminded that a return to campus cannot be guaranteed. You are advised to email the Operations Hub one week before you would like to return so that we can advise you of circumstances on campus at that time.

Domestic workers
Employers of domestic workers are reminded of their employment obligations and the importance of providing support and continuous updates to domestic workers during COVID-19. We have prepared a useful reminder and some helpful health and well-being tips. We encourage all employers to share the guide with their domestic workers.

Facilities' opening hours during Ramadan 

Some restaurants and other outlets operate under a modified schedule during Ramadan, and some will also offer a themed menu. For a complete overview of the timings and special offerings, please visit the "Restaurants" heading on the Facilities page of the Community Life website.