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Register and book on Sehhaty

14 January, 2021

The below required action is ADDITIONAL to the time slot booking you have previously made on the KAUST Booking System.


Thank you to all community members who have already registered and booked a time slot on the KAUST booking system. In preparation for your COVID-19 Screening test, you must also REGISTER and BOOK a slot on the Sehhaty app. This can only be done 2 – 3 days before the date of your actual test.


Please note: if you have recently returned from international travel and have had the Exit PCR test before January 17, you still need to register and have the KAUST mandatory COVID test.


What you need to do prior to your COVID screening test:

  1. Register and book through the Sehhaty app a few days before the day of your test
    • Registering and booking through the Sehhaty app is necessary to allow MOH to link your test result with their system
  1. Follow the step by step guide to register and book on the Sehhaty app

Important to note:

  1. LOCATION: Choose the Jeddah 2nd station, King Abdul Aziz University.
    1. DATE: choose the date you selected for your test on the KAUST Booking System.
    2. TIME: you may choose any available time slot on the Sehhaty app. The time selected on the KAUST Booking System is the time you need to come for your test.
    3. Each person in the household will need to register and book separately on the Sehhaty app.
    4. Upon registration, each person will receive an individual QR code – You must bring that QR code to your appointment

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*DO NOT drink any beverages other than water 30 min before your test

For more details about the program, please visit the COVID-19 Screening Program page on the KAUST Health website.

For any questions or assistance, please email