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Quarantine for international travelers

08 October, 2020

KAUST has recently updated its quarantine requirements for the KAUST community returning to the Kingdom from international travel. Please take some time to review the below information which needs to be followed for anyone returning to KAUST.


Important to know:

  • Everyone returning to the Kingdom must quarantine themselves for a minimum of two days
  • Before you are able to exit quarantine you are required to have a PCR test which must be after 48 hours of arriving in the Kingdom. You must remain in quarantine until a negative result has been received
  • Upon receiving a negative result you are then free from your quarantine requirements. No other steps need to be taken
  • Please contact as soon as possible, to schedule a PCR test at KAUST Health which must be scheduled for at least 48 hours after arriving in the Kingdom – you can schedule this in advance at any time once you know your time of return to the Kingdom
    • Please note that KAUST Health has a limited capacity for testing and requests will be booked into the first available slot
    • Individuals can also schedule their PCR test at another testing facility in Jeddah if they wish
  • Anyone already living in your accommodation when you arrive back will be required to quarantine for the same duration. They are not required to have a PCR test
  • Results will be communicated by SMS text message from the MOH. If anyone receives a positive test result, they, and anyone living in your accommodation, should remain at home and contact KAUST Health on 012 808 0940 as soon as possible for support and guidance
  • Please note that seven day quarantine without a PCR is not an option when returning to KAUST

Shared accommodation residents


  • For those travelers returning to shared accommodation (with non-family members), it is essential that you inform us as soon as possible and at a minimum of three days before your return by completing this form. Accommodation Services will confirm receipt and will arrange an alternative accommodation for your quarantine period if necessary
  • On arrival back to KAUST, those individuals should proceed straight to the Accommodation Office to collect keys for their temporary accommodation

For more information please contact


We wish you safe travels.