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COVID-19 PCR for returning travelers

26 November, 2020

Everyone returning to the Kingdom must quarantine themselves for a minimum of 2 days. Before exiting quarantine, you are required by the Ministry of Health to have a PCR test which must be taken at least 48 hours after arriving in the Kingdom. You must remain in quarantine until a negative result has been received.  

Where to get tested upon arrival in the Kingdom

The Kingdom offers free testing for return travelers at their various testing sites, with the MOH testing facility in Jeddah being the closest to us. However, if you wish to have the test at KAUST Health or another private facility in Jeddah as a more convenient option, there will be a fee for this service.

Important to know:

  • To access the MOH testing facility in Jeddah, individuals can schedule their PCR test without charge using the Sehhaty app that all returning travelers to the Kingdom are required to download
  • To book the PCR test at KAUST Health please contact as soon as possible – you can schedule your test in advance, at any time once you know your time of return to the Kingdom*
  • The cost for the test in KAUST Health is 690 SAR (inclusive of VAT), which needs to be paid in cash or by debit/credit card at the time of the test
  • There is no charge for business travelers or NEW KAUST arrivals
  • The test results are normally available within 24 hours. Please be aware this maybe slightly longer if the test is taken on a Friday

* Please note that KAUST Health has a limited capacity for testing and requests will be booked into the first available slot.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact your Patient Relations Team.


We wish you safe travels.