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Updated Vaccination and Testing Plan

11 April, 2021


Following the President’s communication on April 6 and in support of the move to return to the workplace, an updated vaccination and testing plan is being implemented from May 23.

Vaccination and testing continue to play an important role in reducing the spread of COVID-19 around the world. The higher the vaccination rate in a community, the stronger the herd immunity and the protection afforded to those that cannot currently take the vaccine. 

Everyone who is eligible is encouraged to receive a vaccine for COVID-19 as you’ll be protecting not only yourself, but others in our community.

Over 61% of the eligible KAUST population has had at least one dose of the vaccine, when children and other current exemptions are added, this percentage reduces. Therefore, while KAUST continues to increase vaccination levels, we need to continue to monitor for asymptomatic cases as well.


Vaccination and Testing plan

The KAUST testing plan is aimed at all KAUST residents over the age of 16, employees and contractor workforce and is made up of two key cohorts, for those who have had at least one dose of a vaccine and for those who have not. More information can be found on the Keeping KAUST Safe webpages here. Alternative targeted plans are in place for service providers.

  1. All residents over 16, employees and contractor workforce, irrespective of vaccine status will be required to take a PCR test at least once a month. This will be completed through the Ministry of Health mass testing program. This is mandatory for everyone over the age of 16 from May onwards.
  2. From May 23, anyone over 16 years old who has not had a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine will also be required to take a COVID-19 test every week between the MOH testing. This will be conducted by KAUST Health staff using a rapid antigen lateral flow test via a nasal swab. This will be mandatory for everyone who is eligible and has not had a vaccine dose.

Anyone who has COVID symptoms should continue to follow the Keeping KAUST Safe advice, isolate themselves at home and contact KAUST Health for further assessment and guidance.


Vaccination monitoring

As the testing plan is implemented it is important that anyone who has had a vaccine, outside of those provided at KAUST Health, completes the COVID-19 vaccine monitoring form so that our records are up-to-date when we approach community members for the new weekly testing in the coming weeks. You can complete the form here.


Vaccination bookings – extra vaccine session, April 12

To support the KAUST community, if there is any resident or employee who has not yet received a vaccine but wishes to participate, KAUST Health will be running an additional first dose session on the evening of Monday, April 12. This is for KAUST residents only and will be with the AstraZeneca vaccine (please be aware that the second doses for those administered on this date will currently be in early July).

Please book your vaccine slot here.