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Who got their COVID-19 shot?

18 February, 2021


Got your COVID-19 shot outside of KAUST? - ACTION REQUIRED

With the COVID-19 vaccine programs well underway here at KAUST, in the Kingdom and worldwide, it is important for KAUST to keep a record of those in our community who have received the COVID-19 vaccine outside of KAUST – in the rest of the Kingdom or internationally. For those who have had a vaccine in KAUST Health there is no need to complete this form as the records will be updated automatically.
This information will assist with future decision-making and mitigation plans for the community, and is important for updating your individual medical records.
If you have received either a first or second dose of any vaccine brand outside of KAUST Health, you are required to complete this form

Important to know:
  • All KAUST community members (employees, students, tenants, contractor workforce, service providers) who have been given a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine outside of KAUST are asked to complete the form. You will need to enter:
  • Name
  • Saudi National ID / Iqama
  • Country where vaccinated
  • Brand of vaccine (if known)
  • Dates of doses (either first dose or second dose)
  • Upload your vaccination certificate
  • Each time you receive a dose, you are required to complete the form to ensure your records are up-to-date
* The information you provide is confidential and will be used for statistical purposes only. Your medical records will be updated if you have an existing medical record at KAUST Health.

Please remember that even after receiving the vaccine, every community member is required to continue to observe the Keeping KAUST safe guidelines. This continues to be our number one priority.

We appreciate your support and cooperation.