Dental Services

Dental Services

KAUST Health provides permanent full time general dentistry and dental hygiene services. In addition several specialty dental services are provided on site by visiting consultants.

Consultation and Scope:

Oral prophylaxis treatment
  •  Routine cleaning
  •  Child and adult prophylaxis and fluoride treatment
  •  Sealants per tooth
  •  Preventive counseling, oral hygiene instruction


Routine dental procedures
  •  Dental examination and consultation
  •  X-Ray (panoramic, bitewing, periapical, radiographs)
  •  Charting existing dental conditions
  •  Charting soft and hard tissue


Pediatric Dentistry

  •  Fillings for primary teeth
  •  Pulpotomy of baby tooth
  •  Space maintainer fixed unilateral
  •  Space maintainer fixed bilateral
  •  Recementation of space maintainer
  •  Prefabricated stain less steel primary teeth.
  •  Habit breaking appliances
  •  Emergency (urgent) dental services