The Pharmacy services, consistent with the values of DSFH and KAUST Health, places a priority on patients and family, teamwork and continuous improvement. The Pharmacy Mission is to promote the health and wellness of the KAUST community by providing high quality, integrated, preventive and curative ambulatory healthcare services through best practice and facilitating a higher level of care through strategic partnerships.

Please bring your medical card with you when you come to collect your medication. If you do not have this please bring another form of identification such as your insurance card or KAUST ID. In addition to dispensing prescription medicines our pharmacists provide the following services:

Advice on the safe use and storage of medicines

Your pharmacist is able to give you advice on the safe use of your medicines.  This includes information on dosage, route of administration and possible side effects.  If you are taking other medicines the pharmacist will check to ensure that there are no harmful drug interactions with your newly prescribed medication.  It is important to tell your physician and your pharmacist if you are taking any medicines that you have bought over the counter, or that have been prescribed by another physician outside of KAUST Health.  Don’t forget to include herbal medicines/remedies as many of these can have serious interactions with some prescribed medicines.

Disposal of unused medicines

DSFH participates in Smart Medication Disposal to help patients safely dispose of unused and expired medicines that may be dangerous to others and to the environment.  To use this service,  put your unwanted medicines in a sealable bag and place them in the blue medication disposal box located in the KAUST Health pharmacy.

Medication refill

Some refills of long-term medication can be requested by email. Learn about our medication refill services

Contact the Pharmacy

  • Location: KAUST Health Clinic
  • Contact: 012 808 4172 or 012 808 4171
  • Hours of Operation