Patient Relations

Patient Relations

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Patient Feedback

We at KAUST Health are guided by your valued feedback. This is extremely important to us and is used to both evaluate and shape the services we provide. As well as any concerns and suggestions, we want to hear when you have experienced great service/care. This helps us to learn from what we do well, share it with other departments and reward those hard-working staff who shine.

There are several ways in which you can give us your feedback:

  Contact patient relations:  
  • Email:
  • Phone: 012 808 4117 or 012 808 4088
  • Mobile: 058 241 3606
  • Participate in our 'Patient Voice' program:

The team at KAUST Health, in partnership with Health.Links, have developed a system to receive continuous, real time, feedback from our service users. This will be used alongside periodic, whole community, surveys in assessing both the quality of the services provided to you and their accessibility and availability. It will also allow benchmarking of our services to other similar organizations within the region and internationally. After your visit to a KAUST Health outpatient clinic or ER you will receive an SMS inviting you to access our online survey.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is our goal throughout our services. If you are having any difficulties, or have concerns, about any aspect of the care you have received or your ability to access services please contact our patient relations advisors as above.  Often they are able to assist and solve any problems but if necessary they will guide you through our system to register a complaint and ensure that it is addressed through our complaints process.

The patient relations office is located near the pediatrics clinic if you wish to call in person to speak to our staff.

Alternatively you can register your complaint online by completing our online patient feedback form:  Patient Feedback

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

KAUST Health has developed a set of Patient Rights and Responsibilities to guide our staff and patients and help ensure that we work together for the best possible health outcomes. 

Patient Referral: 

The Patient Relations Department has a referral agent who is there to advice and support you in booking appointments with other service providers such as the hospitals in Jeddah. Emergency and urgent referrals will be dealt with as a priority.



Useful booking information

For appointments at DSFH

DSFH now has an online quick booking service for many of its clinics.  This allows you to choose your physician, see the available appointment days and slots and choose the one which best suits your schedule. You can access this service at which is also easily accessible at the hospital website or you can download the free app for your mobile device from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

For DSFH booking please use your KAUST Health Medical Record (MR) number but change the first digit from 1 to 2 e.g. 10000001 will become 20000001.  Please ensure you have first updated your mobile telephone number.  You can do this by contacting Referrals Officer relations at 012 808 4074 or​

For appointments at IMC

Most appointments for IMC are booked through their main call center number: 012 650 9000.  Please have your IMC file number (if known) to hand when you call.  We are hoping to reinstate a service at IMC to assist KAUST community members in the near future and will update this section with their contact numbers once available. If you experience difficulty in booking or require any information or advice our Referrals Officer is happy to help and is available by calling 808 4074 Sunday – Thursday 8am – 5pm.



Assistance within Doctor Soliman Fakeeh Hospital 

KAUST community members can receive assistance within DSFH from our dedicated KAUST     

Patient Liaison Officers (PLOs).  Our staff at DSFH are able to assist in the following:

  • Directing and escorting you to departments within the hospital
  • Opening files and insurance approval
  • Gaining copies of investigation images and medical reports
  • Advising on transport options and assisting with priority taxi for medical reasons (requires  physician approval)
  • Giving advice and information regarding hospital services
  • Answering any queries or concerns you have regarding your hospital visit or care


On duty PLO:

  • On site Saturday – Thursday 8am – 9pm (on call advice also available out of hours) 
  • 056 898 5338

PLO contacts at DSFH:               

Patient Relations Unit Manager

  • Dina Saad
  • 058 241 5720