Obstetrics and Gynecology


The OB/GYN Department of KAUST Health offers high quality obstetrical and gynecological care to all of the women of the KAUST community by highly trained board-certified obstetricians/gynecologists.

Ob/Gyn Consultants:

Promotion of well-woman health care is a high priority of our consultants. They focus on:

  • Annual routine gynecological examinations
  • Prenatal care of pregnant patients in all trimesters
  • Family planning
  • Contraception counseling and management
  • Insertion and removal of intrauterine device
  • Evaluation of benign gynecological problems
  • Menopausal advice
  • Breast examination
  • And more

Ob/Gyn Educators (Midwife & Lactation Specialists):

All services for Ob/Gyn Educators are Free and compliment the Ob/Gyn consultant service.

  • Pre conception advice and support Consultations
  • Comprehensive Prenatal Education Consultations
  • Prenatal Group Classes
  • Postnatal Home Visits
  • Postnatal Support & Education Consultations
  • Newborn Care Education Consultations
  • Lactation Support Service Consultations
  • Breast Pump Hire Service
  • Coordinate Mother & Baby Meetups.
  • Link into community supports for pregnancy, labor, birth & postpartum.

Antenatal care

With an average of over 200 births per year to KAUST mothers, we put a strong emphasis on supporting pregnant and new parents to give every new KAUST baby a healthy start in life.

All KAUST women can book one-to-one clinic appointments with the Ob/Gyn consultants and also the Ob/Gyn Educators at any time during pre-conception, pregnancy or after birth for education, support, and advice.

We hold regular workshops for pregnant women which cover topics including active birth preparation, infant feeding and introduction of complementary foods, baby first aid, newborn baby care, and safe sleeping practice.

We also provide a Pregnancy, Childbirth and Newborn Care Advice Booklet which is a reference for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding & postpartum information specifically tailored for KAUST Health patients.

Labor and Birth

We encourage all pregnant families to make plans for delivering off-campus at a medical facility that is equipped to handle labor and delivery. KAUST Health is an ambulatory care service, and as such, does not have surgical, NICU or anesthetic facilities that are required to support a range of situations that can arise during labor and birth. We support comprehensive planning for off-campus birth through regular workshops and advice on options related to hospitals in Jeddah. We also support many expat families who choose to go abroad for birth to be closer to their extended support network.

We have an average of less than one emergency birth per year on the KAUST campus and have a highly-trained staff to deal with those situations. To keep the rate of on-campus deliveries low, we encourage all pregnant women to understand the signs of labor and be checked early at KAUST Health if there are any signs of labor. In many cases, we transfer laboring women (and one adult support person) by ambulance to the hospital of their choice in Jeddah.

Postnatal Home Visits

This service is designed to support the overall wellbeing of newborns and their mothers during the initial period following the first 7 days after discharge from the hospital. Learn more.

Lactation Support Services

KAUST Health offers unlimited free infant feeding support for all women at KAUST. Breastfeeding is assessed by a lactation Specialist during the postnatal home visit and then at KAUST Health through our Lactation Support Services clinic. Clinic Consultations are accessible during normal business hours, and there is always an OB nurse on duty in the ER who is trained to help with breastfeeding out of hours.

Women are free to breastfeed anywhere in KAUST Health and we also have a private breastfeeding room available in the Ob/Gyn area as well as information on private rooms around KAUST where you can feed your baby or express breast milk. We can also provide a hospital-grade breast pump in-clinic and for hire.

We also provide an online Breastfeeding booklet in Arabic & English.