Medical Records

Medical Records

All KAUST Health staff members are responsible for the privacy of the patient and the confidentiality of your information.

To release any information regarding your health care we need you to:


  • Specify the data to be released, the dates of the episodes of care for which the data will be released, and who will be receiving the requested data or information.
  • Be signed by you or your designee


Only the following can be released to the patient or his/her authorized person, medical reports, outpatient attendance report, sick leaves, diagnostic investigation results.

To request the release of your information you will need to complete a 'release of information form'. This can be obtained by emailing

Your information might be used for healthcare provision activities, quality improvement activities, reporting to the governmental agencies of incidents of public health or public safety issues.

KAUST Health considers any violation of the patient's right to confidentiality and the security of their healthcare related information as to be subject to investigation and disciplinary action, as per Rules and Regulations.