DSFH Patient Relations

DSFH Patient Relations

​​​For appointments at DSFH

DSFH now has an online quick booking service for many of its clinics.  This allows you to choose your physician, see the available appointment days and slots and choose the one which best suits your schedule. You can access this service at 

http://h-connect.drfakeehhospital.com/Quick-Booking/Login.xhtml which is also easily accessible at the hospital website www.dsfh.med.sa. or you can download the free app for your mobile device from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

For DSFH booking please use your KAUST Health Medical Record (MR) number but change the first digit from 1 to 2 e.g. 10000001 will become 20000001.  Please ensure you have first updated your mobile telephone number.  You can do this by contacting Referrals Officer relations at 012 808 4074.

Assistance within Doctor Soliman Fakeeh Hospital 

KAUST community members can receive assistance within DSFH from our dedicated KAUST     

Patient Liaison Officers (PLOs).  Our staff at DSFH are able to assist in the following:

  •  Directing and escorting you to departments within the hospital
  •  Opening files and insurance approval
  •  Gaining copies of investigation images and medical reports
  •  Advising on transport options and assisting with priority taxi for medical reasons (requires  physician approval)
  •  Giving advice and information regarding hospital services
  •  Answering any queries or concerns you have regarding your hospital visit or care


On duty PLO:

  •   On site Saturday – Thursday 8am – 9pm (on call advice also available out of hours) 
  •   056 898 5338​

PLO contacts at DSFH:               

Patient Affairs Unit Manager