​It is important to use our KAUST Health ambulance appropriately. Please click here for advice.

On your first visit, we ask that you come about 15 minutes ahead of your appointment time to open a medical record file with us. To open a file, please bring your:
  • Passport, iqama, or Saudi National ID
  • Insurance card (If you are employed by KAUST, but do not have an insurance card yet, we may still be able to help.)

​Yes, visitors can be seen and treated at KAUST Health using their health insurance, if it recognized by Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital. If the visitor does not have insurance or his/her insurance provider is not recognized by DSFH, services will be provided on cash basis. 

If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, please cancel as soon as possible. This allows other patients the opportunity to use the appointment slot. A deduction of 100 SR will be charged directly through KAUST payroll if you have missed your appointment time or if you arrive late.

>> How to cancel an appointment

KAUST Health charges a 26 SAR administration fee, including VAT, for each new visit to KAUST Health. For follow-up appointments that happen with the same doctor within 7 days (inclusive of first day), the administration fee is waived. This fee is charged directly through KAUST payroll for KAUST employees and their immediate family dependents.

Physical therapy sessions are covered by the KAUST BUPA insurance plan. Patients seeking this service should go to a Family Medicine consultant for review and referral. Insurance approvals are handled through the insurance office.

If your medication was prescribed at KAUST Health, you may qualify to use our medication refill by email service.

If your medication was not prescribed by a KAUST Health physician, please book an appointment so we can review your case and prescribe the medication, if appropriate.

KAUST Health aims to maintain ample stock of vaccines recommended for children and adults by the Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) and the World Health Organization (WHO). There may be short period of times when some vaccines are not available. Please note, not all travel prophylaxis vaccines are available. Yellow fever vaccine, in particular, requires special arrangement. Please confirm with our Patient Relations team to confirm vaccine availability.

We provide dedicated support for KAUST patients at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital in Jeddah. We encourage you to use this service every time you have an appointment or procedure there. 

​KAUST provides a regular bus service to DSFH and IMC. The service is free of charge. There are also taxi service providers available on campus. Get more information about KAUST busses and taxis (website only accessible from the KAUST network).

Ambulance - when appropriate, KAUST Health will transport emergency cases to the hospital. This service is not charged to the patient.

​You are entitled to deliver at any hospital in your insurance network as per your insurance coverage. Once you are pregnant you are recommended to inform your KAUST Health physician about your preferred hospital for delivery, and you are recommended to visit this hospital a few times for routine antenatal visits to get familiar with the hospital services.  Most hospitals require that you are booked with them before you reach 30 weeks gestation so it is wise to arrange things as early as possible.

​The expectant mother is taught the first, early signs of labor and when to present to KAUST Health Emergency Room so that she can be transferred to the hospital in a timely and safe manner. An Obstetrician is on call 24/7 and will be available to assess the situation and make the necessary arrangements and carry out any necessary procedures.

​When you are planning your exit, please come to the clinic to complete a Release of Information form to request your records. The medical records Department will prepare a comprehensive Medical Report for you covering all your healthcare encounters and major diagnosis and procedures. They will also have your entire laboratory, Radiology and other Diagnostic reports photocopied for you. You may collect your records after 3-5 working days. Based on the patient confidentiality policy, no records will be emailed, faxed or mailed overseas without signed KH Release of Information Form. All incurred costs for mailing the medical record should be paid by the patients. 

Lab reports are also available via the Patient Portal.

KAUST employees have access to comprehensive national or international insurance plans through Bupa Arabia and Bupa International. A Bupa staff member is located at KAUST Health to support your insurance and claim needs.

​Yes, if you provide BUPA with your mobile number. To use this service, simply send a SMS with only your membership number to 0550 222 700. The BUPA Helpdesk can be contacted at 800 244 0307 or via email at customer.care@bupa.com.sa.

​Please contact KAUST HR for a replacement card and request a temporary certificate of membership so that you can continue to get treatment.

​Yes, KAUST Health runs periodic blood drives. Please contact patient relations for more information and to join our donors' register. Call 808-4088 or email Patient-Relations@kaust.edu.sa

​Yes, wheelchairs can be borrowed for patients on a short term basis only, when required due to an injury or illness.  Wheelchairs are not available for long term use but assistance is available in sourcing these if needed. Please contact Emergency Department.