Who got their COVID-19 shot?

Who got their COVID-19 shot?

Posted on Feb 18, 2021

​With the COVID-19 vaccine programs well underway here in the Kingdom and worldwide, it is important for KAUST to record those in our community who have been given the COVID-19 vaccine. This information will not only assist with our future decision-making and mitigation plans for the community, but is also important for updating your individual medical records.


If you have been given TWO doses of a two dose vaccine brand or ONE dose of a one dose vaccine brand, please complete this form.


Important to know:


  • All KAUST residents aged 16 and over and non-resident KAUST employees and students, including those living and working outside KAUST who have been given the full dose of a COVID-19 vaccine are asked to complete the form
  • You will need to enter:
    • Name
    • KAUST ID
    • Saudi National ID / Iqama
    • Country where vaccinated
    • Brand of vaccine (if known) 
    • Dates of doses (either 1 dose or two doses)
  • You should only complete this form once you have had both doses of a two dose brand, or after your dose of a one dose brand. 


* The information you provide is confidential and will be used for statistical purposes only. Your medical records will be updated if you have an existing medical record at KAUST Health.


Keeping KAUST safe continues to be our number one priority towards our common goal of returning to a "new normal."


We appreciate your support and cooperation. 


Kind regards,

Daniel Buttigieg
Director, KAUST Health

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Who got their COVID-19 shot?