Blood Donors are Life Savers!

Blood Donors are Life Savers!

Posted on Feb 08, 2021

Donating blood is a great way to make a difference to someone in need. Whether you're a long-term donor or it's your first time, we encourage you to help save lives by participating in our blood donation days. KAUST Health and Government affairs in association with the Ministry of Health are pleased to offer the following blood donation days.


Dates: February 17 and 18

Times: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Location: Blood donation will be at the KAUST Health parking lot next to the fire station


Who can donate blood?

All KAUST residents, employees, students and service provider over the age of 18 can donate blood.


How do I book an appointment to give blood?

Please book your appointment for your blood donation on the KAUST Booking System

*bookings are required – no walk-ins will be accepted.


Blood donation is a simple process:

  1. Come to the KAUST Health parking lot next to the fire station at your appointment time
  2. Please bring your Iqama / Saudi National ID for registration
  3. Get a mini-physical
  4. Donate blood
  5. Have a snack

COVID-19 precautions – all measures will be taken to ensure COVID-19 mitigation measures are in place in accordance with Keeping KAUST Safe.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Patient Relations:

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Blood Donors are Life Savers!