Contact & Visit DSFMC

What to expect when visiting Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Medical Center in Jeddah


Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Medical Center (DSFMC) is a branch of Fakeeh Care which provides the health and wellbeing services for KAUST Health patients.

Booking Appointments at DSFMC 

To book or cancel appointments at DSFMC, please use the following contact information: 

Traveling between KAUST Health and DSFMC

DSFMC is located in north Jeddah, approximately 40-45 minutes from KAUST. Here’s a map.


Ambulances are available for medical emergencies. For other medical needs in Jeddah, we recommend the following transport options: 

  • Off-campus bus – A bus is regularly scheduled to DSFMC and My Clinic. Schedule available at
  • Personal taxi – Booking available at or by calling 012 808 0959 and asking to be transferred to the taxi service. 
  • Personal transport – Parking is available at DSFMC if you wish to travel by personal car.

Patient Liaison Assistance while you’re at DSFMC

The KAUST Patient Liaison team is dedicated to assisting with KAUST-affiliated patients at DSFMC. When you have an appointment at DSFMC, please call the Patient Liaison Team before leaving KAUST if you require assistance. 


The Patient Liaison team will help you with: 

  • General inquiries while at DSFMC 
  • Registration assistance 
  • Directions to services within the medical center
  • Insurance follow-up while in the medical center 
  • Coordinating between DSFMC and KAUST Health 
  • Seeking solutions to problems, concerns, or outstanding matters 

Contacting the Patient Liaison team 

  • Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 8 A.M. – 5 P.M.
  • Email: 
  • Main telephone: 056 898 5338