Hospital Patient Liaison Officers

​​Hospital Patient Liaison Officers are available to assist KAUST Community members during their visit to the hospital and to answer any queries in advance of their appointment.

  • Directing and escorting you to departments within the hospital
  • Opening files and insurance approval
  • Gaining copies of investigation images and medical reports
  • Advising on transport options and assisting with priority taxi for medical reasons (requires physician approval)
  • Giving advice and information regarding hospital services
  • Answering any queries or concerns you have regarding your hospital visit or care

Contacts at DSFH    

Dina Saad - Patient Affairs Unit Manager:    058 241 5720


On duty Patient Liaison Officer (PLO):    On site Saturday – Thursday 8am – 9pm (on call advice also available out of hours)      
                                                                       056 898 5338