‚Äč‚ÄčKAUST Health is a non-profit organization, owned by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.  It was established to provide healthcare services to the KAUST community.

KAUST Health is governed by a Medical Board that is delegated authority by the Executive Vice President by virtue of being an officer of KAUST University.

The Medical board has established the Executive Committee of the Medical Board to act on behalf of the board as designated by its charter.  

The Executive Committee comprises of three (3) members including the Chair of the Medical Board, Vice Chair of the Medical Board and the Vice President of Human Resources. The Executive Committee is responsible for endorsing significant/strategic operational matters at KAUST Health.

Medical Board Members  

  • Dean Pierre Magistretti - Chair of Medical Board
  • Nadhmi Al-Nasr - Interim President, KAUST
  • Patricia Ann Hughes -Vice President Community Life
  • Christophir Sealey- Director, KAUST Health
  • Henk Kriek - Chief Financial Officer
  • Faizi Ghodsi - Director of Graduate Development and Services
  • Genevieve McCabe - Community Representative 

External Board Members
  • Professor Howard Bergman - McGill University, Canada
  • Dr. Shabab Al Ghamdi - Saudi Aramco
  • Sharon Marks - Monash Medical Centre